Science is not confined to work in laboratories or the long hours spent studying or researching in the library. Our curiosity, drive, and wonder grows from conversation within the community.

This is why the STEM Fellowship Journal is launching the STEM Fellowship Journal Blog (SFJB). The goal is to provide a platform for us to share and discuss our ideas and opinions on issues relevant to STEM fields and how they relate to society more broadly. We want this space to foster connections and highlight the diversity in our community through big questions that we face in our field — be it technical, ethical or philosophical — and our thoughts on the future of STEM.

We want to invite students, academics and STEM professionals to contribute their thoughts and their stories to the SFJB in op-eds, letters, and personal essays that tell stories about STEM and aspiring scientists. Help us see STEM in a broader context and from new points of view. Push us to ponder our roles in our communities and consider our stance on challenging issues in science and technology. Tell us about what excites you about your fields and its impacts, and what future you do you envision for STEM.

The first of the STEM Fellowship Journal Blog’s personal essays remind us how cross-disciplinary thinking and passions can be a strength in a scientist’s life and career.  Julianna Svishchuk, an undergraduate at University of Calgary, tells us about how her passion for the arts, though often perceived as incongruous with a career in STEM, integrates into her identity and aspirations in science.

Interested in contributing? See the “Contributing to the Blog” post and pitch your ideas to Vassi at


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