STEM Fellowship 

High School Chapters Program

Providing growth and networking opportunities for the STEM Leaders of Tomorrow

The STEM Fellowship Chapters program provides highly motivated and passionate high school students the opportunity to bring STEM events, opportunities, and competition to their communities through the establishment of STEM Fellowship Chapters at their high schools. Each chapter is run by a Chapter Head and their executive team, under the supervision of Regional Leads who provide guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration to a small cohort of Chapter Heads. Our team of Chapter Heads and Regional Leads work together to plan and promote school-wide events, fundraisers, and community outreach initiatives. Through the Chapters program, we have increased interest in STEM fields in high schools throughout the nation from Vancouver, all the way to Toronto.

Our Impact

The STEM Fellowship Chapters program started in 2016 in just a few high schools but has grown into one of the largest STEM Chapters programs in Canada with a total of 33 active Chapter Heads in high schools throughout the country in provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and more. Many alumni have gone on to gain admissions to competitive programs at universities throughout Canada including the University of Guelph, the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto, and more, studying a diverse array of subjects including engineering and biomedical sciences.