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This Canadian conference is primarily for high school teachers and education workers, who are interested in exploring the role of AI in education.

We are thrilled to feature keynote speaker Michael Noukhovitch, along with other industry experts, who will provide valuable insights.

However, the heart of this conference lies in the voices of our teachers and education workers. As the individuals working directly with students and utilizing new technologies in their classrooms every day, their experiences and ideas related to using AI tools in education are of utmost importance and deserve to be heard.

The conference will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the benefits and challenges of using AI tools in education, and to explore best practices and implementation strategies for integrating these tools into the classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to attend keynote speeches, panel discussions, small group discussions, and hands-on exploration sessions. See the schedule below.

The conference will be held online in the afternoon of June 15, 2023.

The conference aims to provide education workers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively leverage AI in the classroom, while also addressing concerns related to data privacy, bias and fairness, plagiarism, and transparency in algorithmic decision-making.

Through a combination of keynote speeches and case studies, participants will learn about the potential benefits and limitations of AI tools in education, explore best practices and implementation strategies, and gain practical experience with a range of AI tools and technologies.

Please see Agenda here: AI Education Conference Schedule (June 15, 2023)

Feel free to check out our website: https://stemfellowship.org/

This conference is primarily aimed at teachers and education professionals, including researchers, administrators, and edtech professionals, who wish to explore the role of AI in education.

As people working directly with students in classrooms, teachers and education professionals will have the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences and ideas regarding the use of AI tools in education.

Other stakeholders interested in this topic, such as parents, students, policymakers and industry representatives, are also invited to participate.

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