Interested in submitting to the STEM Fellowship Journal Blog? Here are some guidelines on the kinds of articles we are looking for:

  • Focus on an issue in STEM

Connect STEM to a societal context. You can tell us about a personal experience in science that made you think critically about STEM or share your thoughts on important developments in a field — or any topic you are interested in discussing, as long as it relates to STEM.

  • Have a personal angle or critical analysis

We are looking for articles that can elucidate your perspective. It’s alright to cover important current events in STEM or exciting developments in your field, but make sure you share your thoughts on the topic too!

  • 500-1500 words

Word count is flexible based on what you want to say. Aim to flesh out your ideas but also be concise.

  • Cite your sources

Vancouver style, please.

Email your submissions to Yogya Kalra or Akhil Kumar, members of our blog team at STEM Fellowship, at or Feel free to get in touch and discuss an idea even before you submit.


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