Community Engagement Team

STEM Fellowship actively works to promote create regional initiatives with underrepresented communities. Being a part of the Community Engagement Program enables coordinators to work alongside like-minded individuals to make meaningful and direct change in communities. Our program consists of high school and university undergraduate students throughout the country.

Selected provincial coordinators work with their respective regional teams to collaborate on region-specific outreach projects, as well as act as representatives of the organization. Whether this be representing STEM Fellowship STEM-related events or engaging in social media events, coordinators act as the faces of STEM Fellowship. Coordinators also have the opportunity to provide executives with feedback on program development to engage authentic student opinions and concerns and address the needs that our programs may have yet to meet.

Regional Projects

Coordinators work together as a regional team to collaborate on a region-specific outreach project to bring the local STEM community together. Numerous ideas grow into a reality with the support of the team and sponsors that assist with advertisement. Coordinators have been extremely successful in executing their plans, introducing essential opportunities to high school students who are interested in exploring STEM education. Some of the notable projects accomplished this year by the outreach coordinators include:

  • Stem Codes

A competition that was held over Code Chef for students to showcase their coding skills for a chance to win a prize.

  • Diversity in STEM Webinar

A free STEM webinar that focused on POC experts in the workforce who talked about their own experiences and barriers in STEM fields.

  • Research that Revolutionizes

A free STEM webinar where attendees learned how to put a research project together from experienced outreach coordinators, in addition to doing research in a formula university setting as a high school student.

Conference Representation

We join forces with other STEM organizations to help spread awareness about our initiatives. We have coordinators representatives who set up booths at both online and in-person conferences and answer your questions about our organization!

Our Community

Say hello to our Community Engagement Coordinators! Each region consists of a team of outreach coordinators and a regional lead(s), as represented in the map. Although we are spread out across Canada, we come together to promote STEM initiatives and advance our organization’s mission.


We have asked our coordinators for their thoughts and feedback on STEM Fellowship and their experience as an outreach coordinator for their respective regional teams. Below are some testimonials from what our coordinators have to say about the program.

My experience as an outreach coordinator has been great. There are meetings that are very informative, and working towards completing a project for the scientific community is amazing. Letting other students, in my grade and below, know about the scientific opportunities that the STEM Fellowship offers is extremely helpful to them.
Benjamin Chung , Outreach Ambassador
Hi everyone, my name is Ananya and I joined STEM Fellowship as an Outreach Coordinaotor this past year! It’s been an amazing experience for me; learning new techniques to enhance my knowledge as well as leadership skills in a STEM setting has been a key takeaway. Hosting a webinar along with my peers has been a highlight of this role. If you are an individual who enjoys exploring a variety of STEM fields, this is a great opportunity to carve yourself into a leader.
Ananya Nandiraju, Outreach Ambassador

I’ve been an Outreach Coordinator with STEM Fellowship for almost a year, and the experience has genuinely been rewarding! From initiating events like our Diversity in STEM webinar to our STEM Codes competition, the opportunity to collaborate with a province-wide team of passionate STEM enthusiasts has been incredible. I’ve also learned a lot about various STEM themes through promoting STEM Fellowship’s exciting events, and developed technical skills like partnership email writing and research—truly very beneficial for an aspiring STEM student like me!

Matthew Wong, Outreach Ambassador
The STEM Fellowship Outreach Coordinator program has been an invaluable opportunity for me to volunteer within the STEM community and gain organizational skills while also networking with like-minded individuals. Being part of a team has given me experience with fulfilling responsibilities and meeting deadlines, and I have learned many valuable lessons along the way. Helping to develop and promote STEM opportunities has allowed me to express my love for STEM subjects and share my knowledge with others who have less experience. I definitely recommend this program to any student with an interest in STEM and a willingness to share their passion with others
Raphael Kelly, Outreach Ambassador
STEM Fellowships Outreach Coordinator Program is one I am forever grateful to be a part of. I am able to be part of a community of like-minded peers where we are given many opportunities to grow in our communication and leadership skills. With my team, we were able to create and host a research webinar, allowing me to not only practice my investigative skills while finding information to present but also allowed me to practice public speaking. If you have the opportunity, I say join the coordinator program, you will not regret it.
Emilie de Chantal, Outreach Ambassador

I feel through this program I am gaining many valuable new experiences and skills, such as how to promote using social media. It’s also given me access to the many opportunities STEM fellowship has, which otherwise I wouldn’t have known about.

Muskaan Grover, Outreach Ambassador