Current IYPT Crowdsourced References

The references page contains phenomenon demonstrations, links to encyclopedias, forum discussions, books and lecture notes, and most importantly academic journals. The references are submitted by our collaborators all over the world and are reviewed by the CaYPT committee before being added to our repository. These references will help to start your research. Feel free to look for additional references as your research progresses.


The CaYPT SOP (standard operating procedure) is a set of written instructions which describes the step-by-step process that must be taken to properly perform a scientific routine activity. It is designed to be used as a quick start guide for students new to CaYPT or IYPT to get familiar with common lab procedures used in the research of IYPT problems.

Past IYPT Finals

The past IYPT finals is a good place to find some of the best solutions to past problems. Watching the finals is a great way to learn about presentation techniques, presentation organization, and experimental physics techniques that can be applied to similar problems.

Note that since 2017 a new scoresheet is adopted. Finals recorded are also available on YouTube.

IYPT Physics Fights (PFs)

These are the recordings of Team Canada in past IYPTs. These presentations are not as complete as the finals, but they can serve as examples of presentations that will be very competitive at CaYPT.

Reference Archive

Here you can find the past IYPT reference kits and crowdsource reference page in a PDF format. If there is a current problem that is similar to a past problem, it could be helpful to look through the old references.

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