What is SOP?

The CaYPT SOP (standard operating procedure) is a set of written instructions which describes the step-by-step process that must be taken to properly perform a scientific routine activity. It is designed to be used as a quick start guide for students new to CaYPT or IYPT to get familiar with common lab procedures used in the research of IYPT problems.

What can you get from reading SOPs

  1. Procedures to operate an experiment.
  2. Procedures to build scientific equipment.
  3. Tutorials on using various tools.
  4. Professional physics knowledge.

Motivation and Vision

The CaYPT Committee hopes to encourage more young scientists to expand their understanding of experimental techniques by studying SOP. We offer a free online archive of experimental techniques to aid the education of young scientists worldwide.

The CaYPT SOP project is completely open source. You can go to the GitHub containing all the completed SOPs through the button below. You can also contribute to our project by following the instructions in GitHub.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our editors.


Archie Shou

Co-Editor in Chief of SOP

Jeffrey MingHan Li

AssCo-Editor in Chief of SOP

Special thanks to CaYPT 2021 and 2022 National Camp members for writing the initial set of SOPs manuscripts. Thanks to our external member Daniel Chen for the LaTex typesetting work.

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