After a record-breaking Inter-University Big Data Challenge, experts have selected 16 finalist teams to compete at our finale event: Inter-University Big Data Day. Below you will find the project reports as well as 10-minute video presentations for each finalist team. We encourage you to view these to see the work of the brightest undergraduate students in Canada and abroad as they compete for monetary and scholarly prizes, which include the opportunity to attain publication opportunities and cash awards.

Our Keynote Speaker

Gunther Eysenbach is a visionary who recognized the importance of the internet for both medical information dissemination as well scholarly publishers in the 90s, became a pioneer of the gold Open-Access movement, created one of the first open-access journals, co-founded the OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association), and built JMIR Publications, a respected global scholarly publishing firm known for quality and forward-thinking open science innovations (one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies). He is also the co-inventor of TrendMD, a company he co-founded as Chief Science Officer, which is another avenue to disseminate scientific information in a targeted manner. Gunther spends most of his time as President of JMIR Publications, but also invests in innovative startups in medicine and science as an angel investor, and holds the position of Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria.

Our Panelists

Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch

STEM Fellowship

President and Founder

Panel Moderator

Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch is a Founder and President of the STEM Fellowship. He is a recipient of the Prime Minister Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM. He is also an Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Science Publishing Open Access peer-reviewed STEM Fellowship Journal as well as a practicing educator piloting data science education at Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto. Sacha is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, sits on the marketing committee of the USA Council of Science Editors, LEAD Canada/LEAD International fellow and the STEM-stream Editor of the International Journal on Innovations in Online Education.

Adrian T. Stanley

JMIR Publications

Chief Innovation and Development Officer

Adrian Stanley is an experienced and visionary executive with a demonstrated history working in the scholarly communications, research and tech start-up arena. Currently he is the Chief Innovation and Development Officer for the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Publications, in addition to serving as the Chair Person of the STEM Fellowship Board of Directors. Previously, Adrian was the Managing Director of Digital Science as well as the past president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing.

Bushra Ebadi

Global Strategist and Youth Ambassador of North America+Europe

Bushra Ebadi is a social innovator committed to advancing peace, justice, equity, and the agency of marginalized individuals and communities globally through the co-design and development of inclusive governance systems, communities, and systems transformations. She is a youth ambassador for North America and Europe for the Global Alliance on Partnerships for Media and Information Literacy. As well, she serves on the executive committee for the Canadian Commission for the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Moez AliMoez Ali

Founder and Creator

Moez Ali is the founder and creator of PyCaret, an open-source low-code machine learning library. He is an Analytics and Data Science Leader, that has extensive experience in creating tools that allow data scientists with all levels of experience to create real world and applicable solutions to all kinds of problems. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Data Science.

Dr. Michael Duong

Roche Canada

Head of Innovation

Michael Duong is an experienced professional and senior leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He has held roles in scientific research and development, pharmaceutical consulting, and health economics and outcomes research. He is currently the Head of Innovation at Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Canada, responsible for the innovation strategy across Roche Canada and all of its divisions, and leading the Roche Innovation Hive – the creative space where the future of healthcare is being imagined and co-created between Roche and external partners, leveraging a unique combination of long-term visionary thinking, innovation skills and capabilities as well as experimentation and iterative learning.


Na Li

Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, Adjunct Assistant Professor at McMaster University

Saarthak Sangamnerkar

Consultant for the Data Science and Analytics Group at ICICI Bank Canada

Yinka Awoyemi

Senior Data Scientist at MPI

Sanveer Dhanju

Data Scientist at TD Bank

Hilda Azimi

Research Associate at National Research Council

Rayshoun Chambers

CEO and Co-founder at Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Raman Pall

Senior Data Scientist at the National Research Council Data Analytics Centre

Javad YaAli

Data Scientist, Software Developer at 1QBit

Anish Verma

Chief Data Officer at STEM Fellowship, Quantitative Analyst and Quantum Researcher at 1QBit


Is it Fact or Fake? COVID-19 Misinformation Tweets and Network Structures are Highly Similar to Factual Tweets

Adam Radek Martinez, John Zhang, Simha Kalimipalli, Karan Manku

University of Toronto and University of Waterloo

Are You Spreading Misinformation? Analyzing How Influential Twitter Users Contribute to the Spread of COVID-19 Information

Bizhan Alatif, Jennifer Tram Su, Maggie Wang, Sarina Xi

McGill University and University of Toronto

The Plebeian Algorithm A Democratic Approach to Censorship and Moderation

Benjamin D. Fedoruk, Harrison S. Nelson, Kai A. Fucile Ladouceur, Russell M. Frost

Univerity of Ontario Instituite of Technology, Queen’s University, Confederation College and Lakehead University

You’ve Reddit All: Popular COVID-19 Topics and Public Sentiment Trends in Vancouver, British ColumbiaYou’ve Reddit All: Popular COVID-19 Topics and Public Sentiment Trends in Vancouver, British Columbia

Cathy Yan, Melanie Law, Stephanie Nguyen, Janelle G. Cheung

University of British Columbia

Introducing ADMIT : A First Step in Uncovering FDA’s Deceit

Jérémie Babeu, Zoé Benoit, Andréanne Boulanger, Antoine Turcotte

College de St-Hyacinthe, Université de Montréal, Concordia University

Investigating the impact of claims on AstraZeneca vaccine causing blood-clotting on the public perception of vaccination

Jeyoung Oh, Trista Tian , Thao Tran, Max Vu

University of Waterlooo

Data Exploration and Classification of News Article Reliability: A Deep Learning Study

Kevin Zhan, Rafay Osmani, Yutong Li, Xiaoyu Wang
University of Alberta

What pandemic events have had the most influence on public sentiment towards the AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines?

Muskaan Kaur Bajwa, Angelica Ramoutar, Neha Purakan

McMaster University and University of Toronto Mississauga

Classifying Fake COVID-19 Tweets With Supervised Learning and Deep Learning Models

Mashiyat Saif, Marcus Chung, Oluwatitomi Adebajo, Oluwatobi Adebajo

University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario and McMaster University

Pipeline for identifying vaccine-specific infodemic insights from Youtube and Reddit and leveraging NLP deep learning models to predict misinformation

Nikhil Saini, Nirupama Tamvada, Mansi Patel

McMaster University

Machine learning-based predictive modelling of COVID-19 vaccination uptake within U.S. counties

Queena Cheong, Martin Au-Yeung, Stephanie Quon, Katsy Concepcion

University of British Columbia

Predicting Vaccine Uptake Rate Using Machine Learning: An infodemiological Study in the United States

Xingzuo Zhou, Yiang Li, Shuheng Yang, Xiyan Shi

University College London and University of Toronto

Predicting Falsehood of a Tweet Concerning COVID-19 Using Location, Socioeconomic Data, and Tweet Sentiment

Danish Baig, KaHo Wong, Sabina Henry

University of Waterloo and University of Ottawa