After a successful Undergraduate Big Data Challenge, experts in the field have selected 15 finalist teams to compete at our finale event: Big Data Day. Below you will find the project reports as well as 10-minute video presentations for each finalist team. We encourage you to view these to see some of the work of the brightest undergraduates in Canada as they compete for monetary and scholarly prizes, which include the opportunity to work with health startups, publication opportunities, and cash awards.

Our Panelists

Deepak Kaura

Chief Medical Officer for 1QBit

Deepak serves as 1QBit’s Chief Medical Officer and as the Chair of the Board of Joule, a Canadian Medical Association subsidiary. Before this, he had spent 5 years in Qatar with the Sidra Medical and Research Center, most recently as the Executive Chairman of the Foundational Clinical Services Management Group, where he helped to set new standards inpatient care for women and children and led ground-breaking work in the application of machine learning to healthcare. Deepak has also served the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a Subspecialty Chair in Pediatric Radiology and has established a number of startups in the healthcare space

Eleanor Haine-Bennett

Program Officer for Natural Sciences for Canadian Commission for UNESCO

Eleanor Haine Bennett is the Program Officer for Natural Sciences at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. She has a background in ecology research, science communication, and STEM education, and is the former Executive Director of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Eastern Ontario.

Suzanne Kettley

Executive Director of Canadian Science Publishing

Suzanne Kettley is the Executive Director of Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), Canada’s not-for-profit leader in mobilizing scientific knowledge and publisher of 24 journals including FACETS, Canada’s first multidisciplinary open access science journal. With three decades of experience as a scientific publishing professional, Suzanne has held several positions in the company and led the team during CSP’s transition from the federal government to the private sector. She currently serves on the Boards of Directors for the Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) and STEM Fellowship, the editorial board of Scholarly and Research Communications, and a funder-publisher task force for the Society for Scholarly Publishing

Dr. Michael Duong

Head of Personalized Healthcare Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Michael is an experienced professional and senior leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He has held roles in scientific research and development, pharmaceutical consulting, and health economics and outcomes research. He is currently the Head of Personalized Healthcare at Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. where he is fully accountable for the integration and implementation of commercial, medical, and access strategies to drive the success of a diverse portfolio focused on transforming the healthcare system through innovative personalized healthcare solutions.

Sacha Noukhovitch

Founder and President of the STEM Fellowship

Sacha Noukhovitch is the Founder and President of the STEM Fellowship – a charity organization that equips the next generation of change-makers in STEM with indispensable skills in data science and scholarly writing through peer mentorship and experiential learning. He is also an Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Science Publishing STEM Fellowship Journal – the national scholarly publication of original student research as well as a practicing educator implementing data science education at Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto.


Kashif Siddiqui


Dean Callahan

Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Jodi Garner

Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Donna Janzen

Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Olayinka (Yinka) Awoyemi

SAS User Group

Sean Rourke

University of Toronto

Christopher Gravel

Health Canada

Agnes Klein

Health Canada

Ann Meyer

Ontario Genomics


Identifying COVID-19 Instagram Behaviour Patterns via a Novel Network Analysis Pipeline

Arthur Boschet, Vivian Chia-Jou Lee, Brenda Shen, and William Zhang

A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Skin Cancer Detection

Andy Dai, Yi Zhou Tang, Kevin Zhu, and Nicolaus Wong

Analysis of Socioeconomic Determinants of Increased COVID-19 Vulnerability

Alexandra Mircescu, David Cao, Pramith Senaratne, and Sajeev Kohli

Investigating the Effectiveness of Strict Government Policies in Decreasing the Incidence of COVID-19

Andrew Pringle, Christine Orcullo, Adam Tinaburri, and Seokhyoun Hong

An analysis of US health insurance and H1N1 vaccination coverage: Implications for a COVID-19 vaccine

Anaïs Rojas Vélez, James Li, Ziniu Chen, and Yen Ching Tan

The Impact of COVID-19-related Unemployment on Suicide Rate in Canada

Catherine Chen, Denny Liu, and Nan Ji Suo

The Impacts of International, Domestic, and Local Mobility on COVID-19 Deaths

Cathy Yan, Simran Pal Waraich, and Liza Babaoglu

An Analysis of the COVID-19 Infodemic:
The Extensive and Disproportionate Impact of Public Figures on Public Behaviour and Sentiment Towards Hydroxychloroquine

Emily Chan, Ginah Choi, Kendrew Wong, and Shirley Zeng

Deep learning transcriptomic model for prediction of pan-drug chemotherapeutic sensitivity

Eddie Guo, Mehul Gupta, Pouria Torabi, and Sunand Kannappan

An Analysis Of COVID-19 Data to Identify Key Social and Policy Factors Affecting its Progression and Forecast Future Trends

Jia Cui, Yuzhou Liao, Qiaochu Zhang, and Ophelia Zhao

Leveraging Machine Learning Methods to Predict COVID-19 Vulnerability in U.S. Counties Based on Socioeconomic Factors

Katharine Emily Lee, Cynthia Denise Lo, William Ren Xu, and Robert Ye

Correlation Between the Use of User-Image-Based Social Media and Eating Disorder Rates

May Jagodkin, Joanna Roy, Sarina Xi, and Shiqi Xu

Diabetic Prevalence Among Racial Groups and Their Susceptibility to Pandemics: Mitigating Future Harm

Michael Wang, Shubh Fageria, Abdalla Abdelhady, and Geedhanjali Vivekanandan

Dissemination of Canadian Provincial Public Health Policy about COVID-19 on Instagram and Twitter

Payton Mackwood, Hannah Illing and Emilie Kaye

The Dynamic Inter-dependency among Macroeconomic and Physical Health Variables and Their Effects on Suicide Rates in the United States

Ruyan Geng, Jia Yi Ong, Muhammad Ali Sajid, and Francisco Sandoval Macias